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Google+ is a great way to interact real time with a large crowd of people, gathering many different opinions and thoughts all in one single thread of comments. Being able to read, respond and interact with everyone while on the go is great, but one downside to this is that unless managed properly your poor device could become easily flooded with notifications. So, to prevent the assault of Google+ notifications on your device, let's take a look at how you can easily manage them.

  1. Launch the Google+ Application
  2. Press menu then settings
  3. Scroll to Notification Settings
  4. Disable any notifications that you do not want / need

For me things like people adding me to a circle, or anything related to photo tagging and comments I don't need to have a push notification for. This will of course be different for each user, so be sure to set up your notifications the way you want!

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Google+ Tip: How to manage what notifications you receive on your device


This would be nice if the stupid update didn't break the app functionality. I can't open the app at all on my galaxy s2 epic 4g touch.

No problems here. Did you try clearing all the data within the app?

I always see so many negative comments in the Market that can be fixed with a simple reboot or data/cache clear. Does nobody try that first anymore?

Is there a way for the notification light to be enabled when a message is received through Messenger? This is my biggest pet peeve with the app. If I don't feel the vibration or hear my notification I never know one of my friends has sent me something through Messenger. I'm on a DInc2 and my roommate has an OG Droid and the notification light doesn't work on either with Messenger.

I can appreciate that not everyone is as tech savvy as those of us who check the Android Central feeds 100 times per day, but this post is simply ridiculous. You've basically said nothing more than, "Not happy with Google+ settings? Then go into the Google+ settings and change them."

Useless post.

How do I delete the email from my Android phone without deleting the email from my yahoo account?

Please help.

Does anyone else have the issue of not getting the notifications at all? Droid X. And yes, I'm set to auto-sync.