Google talks improved memory management and performance in Chrome 45

Google has taken to a blog post today to talk some of the performance improvements included in Chrome 45 for desktop. Included in the changes is a new aggressive memory cleanup technique and, perhaps most importantly, smarter handling of restored tabs. From Google:

Now, Chrome is smarter about restoring your tabs more efficiently. Tabs are restored from most to least recently viewed, so you get to see the most important tabs faster. And Chrome will now detect if your computer is running low on resources and stop restoring the rest of your tabs to save you precious memory. You can always click to restore them if you'd like to access them later.

Aside from smarter handling of restored tabs, Google is also talking up a new memory-saving technique through which Chrome will use downtime on a tab to "aggressively clean up old, unused memory." Google says that this reduces memory usage by an average of 10 percent, but they've seen even higher reduction with complex web apps, noting a 25 percent reduction with Gmail.

Finally, Google says that Chrome will now automatically pause Flash content that isn't central to the webpage. While we've known this was coming for a while, you should start seeing lower power usage from Chrome once the feature is rolled out to you.

Source: Google