Santa Tracker

Google has been known to release code for their various apps, they do it after Google I/O yearly, and the latest addition brings a little holiday cheer. Santa Tracker, available on both the web and Android devices, helps people monitor Santa's progress as he moves around, but it also includes winter-inspired games and more. This year Google added support for Android Wear, Chromecast, as well as some new games, and they have released code for all the pieces.

Some of the code includes:

  • Android App - The Santa Tracker Android app is a single APK, supporting all devices running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) and up.
  • Android App - Santa's village is a canvas-based graphical launcher for videos, games and the tracker. In order to span 10,000 pixels in width, the village uses the Android resource hierarchy in a unique way to scale graphics without needing assets for multiple density buckets, thereby reducing the APK size.
  • Android Wear - Santa Tracker uses notifications to let users know when Santa has started his journey. The notifications are further enhanced to provide a great experience on wearables using custom backgrounds and actions that deep link into the app.
  • On the Web - Santa Tracker on the web was built using Polymer, a powerful new library from the Chrome team based on Web Components. Santa Tracker's use of Polymer demonstrates how easy it is to package code into reusable components. Every scene in Santa's village (games, videos, and interactive pages) is a custom element, only loaded when needed, minimizing the startup cost of Santa Tracker.

With the code being available for developers to look and and use, Google hopes that developers will begin to take some of the magic behind the Santa Tracker and implement it in their own apps.

Source: Google Developers