As though Google hasn't already covered just about every aspect of digital life from the search engine to the RSS reader to a phone number that you can use across the board, now they want to come to your television? In efforts of trying to bring their relationship with Intel even closer, Google has decided they need to expand in the area of computing to television which is an area they hold very little grounds in currently. Google and Intel have decided to seek the help of Sony in creating a platform that will be used to bring the web to your television through a set-top box. 

While there are currently a few places that are bringing web browsing to your set-top box, none are doing it on the scale that Google has planned. In addition to Sony and Intel, Google plans to have Logitech involved in the project for the creation of this multimedia style remote control. While none of these companies currently will comment on this project, Android design related jobs have appeared within these companies, so one would believe there is truth behind all of this. Many believe Google will one day take over the world, and here is just yet another great example of how Google will become an even bigger part of your daily life. [via NYTimes]