google play

The Federal Trade Commission has announced a settlement agreement with Google, for $19 million, in a complaint that claimed Google was billing parents unfairly for in-app purchases that were made by their children without the parent's consent.

The FTC stated:

"According to the complaint, in mid- to late 2012, Google began presenting a pop-up box that asked for the account holder's password before billing in-app charges. The new pop-up, however, did not contain any information about the charge. Google also did not inform consumers that entering the password opened up a 30-minute window in which a password was no longer required, allowing children to rack up unlimited charges during that time."

The FTC said that Google had violated the FTC Act's prohibition on "unfair" commercial practices. Under the terms of today's settlement, Google will offer "full refunds of unauthorized in-app charges incurred by children" to their parents. It will also modify its own in-app purchase policies so that Google must "obtain express, informed consent from consumers before billing them for in-app charges."

What do you think of this settlement deal between Google and the FTC?

Source: FTC