One of the first things you'll notice when you take a new Google Pixel out of the box is that there's a lot of glass involved. Unless you're super careful and lucky, that means there's a good chance you'll scratch things up. Or even have a phone that looks like it stormed a beach during a war or something. Seriously, I don't even.

Regardless, even tiny scratches that normal users can create are no fun. Because of this, most people want to put a case on their new Pixel. Google's making this easier by putting the really nice "Pixel case" line on sale for half-off.

This is only for the Pixel case line. Not any live cases or Otterbox cases or anything else. It's for both the regular Pixel and the Pixel XL, and the cases will set you back $17.50 each in either size. The available colors are gray, blue, green, peach, coral and clear. This only lasts until they run out, so hit the Google Store up right away to make sure you get the color you want.