Google TV

Google TV needs an innovation injection. What was promising two years ago has been left to slowly waste away because no content deals were sourced and nobody was interested in having what Google TV could do in their living room. If rumors reported by the Wall Street Journal are true, that innovation is in the works.

According to their inside sources, Google is actively pitching the idea of an online TV service to media providers and distributors. Yes, just like everybody else is doing if you believe all the rumors out there. Google already tried this and was sorely disappointed with the result a few years back, but the difference this time, says the Journal, is that the content providers are looking for nationwide distribution.

In easy-to-understand talk -- let's say HBO, for instance, already had failed negotiations with Google about offering their content on Google TV. In today's landscape, where the competition is fierce and the dollar doesn't stretch as far, they would find more value with a service from Google that would sell their subscription to anyone with the box to stream it, sans cable company.

We have no idea how much of this is true or not, but the WSJ says Google already has the system developed and is shopping it around. It's something we'd love to see, so we're hoping for the best.

Source: Wall Street Journal