Play Games Player Analytics, the latest development tool from Google, will allow game developers to better understand in-game player behavior as well as manage your games business. Google understands that analytics are a key part to any business, including running a game as a service. With the Play Games Player Analytics, developers can now manage their business to target revenues, identify hot spots in business metrics, and see how players progress and spend in their games.

With Player Analytics, we wanted to make these capabilities available to the entire developer ecosystem on Google Play in a frictionless, easy-to-use way, freeing up your precious time to create great gaming experiences. Small studios, including the makers of Zombie Highway 2 and Bombsquad, have already started to see the benefits and impact of Player Analytics on their business.

Further, if you integrate with Google Play game services, you get this set of analytics with no incremental effort. But, for a little extra work, you can also unlock another set of high impact reports by integrating Google Play game services Events, starting with the Sources and Sinks report, a report to help you balance your in-game economy.

The new tools are available today in the Google Play Developer Console.

Source: Android Developers