Google Glass

I'm betting you're going to start hearing a lot about Google Glass in the coming days and weeks. Much of it will be from bloggers who couldn't resist the lure to get in early and talk about Glass. You can probably safely ignore them, because the important stuff is going to come from the developers. 

As a starting point, Google has released the Mirror API documentation and code examples so those same developers can get their projects ready for the day their pair of Google Glass arrives. They've outlined the major features of the API, provided guidelines to ensure the best user experience, and even put up a sample page where Glass Explorers can try out an example. Quick start tutorials have been provided for developers coding in both Java and Python.

Google Glass just might be the next disruptive piece of technology. For it to succeed, consumers will have to adopt it en masse, and the best way to ensure that is to have a robust set of utilities and applications that use it. Google understands this, and we're glad to see them getting ready and providing developers with the tools and information they need. Hopefully, when the consumer edition goes up for sale, we'll all have a reason to buy a pair.

Source: Google