Google Admin

Super administrators can now control every aspect of their user's accounts from a phone

Google released its latest in-house app today, Google Admin, targeted at administrators of Google Apps accounts in business, education, government and other applications. Although it may not apply to the largest number of people on the consumer side, having a central management app for Google Apps administrators is a big deal. With a single app, super administrators for an organization can now add users, manage logins and passwords, manage groups, contact support and so much more. These are some advanced features, but ones that can be easily done while on the go if necessary. And if you're managing dozens or even hundreds of users, you'll want any tool that can help make managing accounts an easier prospect.

Currently the app will work with Google Apps for Business, Education, Government, Google Coordinate and Chromebooks -- pretty much any basic deployment of Apps you may have today. As you would expect, the app reminds you several times over that administrators should apply a strong PIN or passcode for your device's lock screen -- although it doesn't actually require one to run the app. Google Apps super admins can grab a download of the app at the source link above and give it a try.