Open beta programs for apps on Google Play have been around for a while now, but Google is now taking steps to make finding and participating in those programs even easier. As part of Google I/O 2016, Google has announced that open betas will now begin appearing in Google Play search results.

Google ramps up discoverability for beta apps on Google Play

From Google:

Open beta tests are helpful to get feedback from a large group of users and allow any user to join a beta test. We're making open beta tests easier to find and participate in: apps that are available only as open betas and aren't in production yet will soon appear in Play search results, users will be able to opt-in from Play store listings directly, and users will be able to send you private feedback through your Play store listing too.

In addition, Google says that it will launch a new "Google Play Early Access" featured section, showing off a curated list of open betas that people can participate in. Between these two changes, finding new beta apps to check out should be much easier than the current system.

Finally, in non-beta app news, Google will begin showcasing collections of apps that go well together. For example, for a task like buying a house, you may want apps for getting a mortgage and another for taking notes. The new collections will group these complimentary apps together based on context.