Boston Dynamics

Are you ready for super-evil robots that will take over the planet in some sort of cybernetic revolt? I sure am.

We probably won't see maniacal robo-wargs that will swoop in and destroy all humans, but if we ever do, the two companies that could make it happen just got cozy. Google has announced that they have purchased Boston Dynamics, creators of terror the Big Dog and PETMAN, for an undisclosed sum. I'll speculate that it was 100 Billion Dollars. Not really.

All jokes aside, Boston Dynamics have the knack to make robots that are agile, strong and sturdy instead of fragile pieces of metal that need coddling. The kind of robots that could do stuff instead of just look pretty in a lab. Check out the WildCat — and hope it never chases you.

What does this mean? We have no idea. Andy Rubin is Google's new robot overlord, so I imagine he has some sort of plan for this. We can only hope that it's peaceful.

Source: NYT