Released as a preview today, and rolling out to Gmail over the next few weeks, the new Google Contacts comes with a fresh new interface, along with a number of new ways to interact with and organize your contact information.

Google previews new features for Contacts; brings new interface, easier management

Overall, the experience is much cleaner and easier to manage than before. For example, one of the major pain points in managing a contact list is dealing with the inevitable duplicate listings that pop up. Google has made it a bit easier to deal with these duplicates by implementing a "Find Duplicates" feature that will automatically seek them out and offer up an option to quickly merge them. Additionally, Google says that it will now automatically keep contact information up-to-date by merging information from your contacts' Google profiles with what you already have.

Finally, Google also notes that your most recent emails and meetings with a specific person will now pop up on their contact card, allowing you to quickly pick up where you last left off.

As noted above, the new Contacts interface will be rolling out to Gmail users in preview form over the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can try it out for yourself from the link below.

Try the new Google Contacts Preview

Source: Google