A big theme at this year's Google I/O has been machine learning. Furthermore, we know that keeping our phones secure is more important than ever. Google uses its powerful machine learning tools within the Google Play Store to scan and verify the apps installed on your phone. If a malicious app is detected, the service will remove it before it causes harm. These services were already in placc, but will soon be more visible for users.

As explained by Stephanie Cuthbertson, Director, Product Management, Android, Google is launching Google Play Protect, a new suite of services that will help secure all your Android devices with Play Store access. Google will continue to use machine learning to scan all installed apps connected to your Google account, searching for harmful apps and remove them from your device if detected.

You will be able to see these service at work on your phone by navigating to the "My apps & games" section of the Google Play Store. This will making security more visible and accessible for all users and will be coming to all Google Play devices.

Google Play Protect is mostly a rebadged version of features that were already there, going back to Verify Apps, supported back to 4.2 — but this new feature will make the process much more visible to users.