Google Play app listing

Developers now have access to a suite of new tools that help them track how well their app is performing and manage it after it is published, and it all starts with the Google Play Developer Publishing API. This new API, which was announced back at Google I/O, makes it easier for developers to upload APKs to different tracks — such as beta, staged rollout and production — as well as manage other parts of production to go hand-in-hand with those releases.

It'll now be easier to manage getting the right screenshots uploaded with each release, provide localized versions of your listing and keep your in-app purchase catalog up to date as well.

Going a few steps further, developers can now better track how their app is performing, including receiving email alerts when there are notable changes — app installs, ratings, crashes — to their app. New optimization tips in the developer console will show opportunities to improve your app, and enhanced revenue stats will now show average revenue per paying user and several other business metrics.

You'll also now be able to export all app reviews for your apps so you can analyze them in your own way, and you'll receive improved stats from your beta releases and staged rollouts to understand how they're impacting your user base.

It's a whole boatload of great updates for developers publishing apps to Google Play, and we're sure more than a few people out there will be excited to get their hands on these new tools.

Source: +Google Developers