Google Play has announced a series of new features for Google Play developers alongside their Playtime developer event going on today in San Francisco. Among the announcements today are new features that could mean great things for users looking for the newest apps and the best deals.

Google Play is getting more toys for developers

Even as Chromebooks are beginning to enjoy Google Play apps, Google Play is preparing to expand with Daydream VR apps as well as Google Play for Wear, bringing standalone watch apps to Android Wear 2.0 next year.

Meanwhile, the Play Developer Console is bringing new subscription promos to an app near you, citing a 10x increase in subscription spending over the last three years. Introductory rates may help users take the plunge on an app or service after free trials that are already offered by many apps expire.

Two features we've already seen on Google Play are also starting to expand: pre-registration and Early Access. Pre-registration is a currently a limited program, but the feature drove over 30 million installs with apps and games like Clash Royale and Google Duo. Early Access has been a big hit with developers and users alike, offering users a chance to get into games early and letting developers get feedback and a core user base built before the official launch. Developers can now nominate their apps for Early Access.

Google Play also highlighted the success of the Indie Corner and its role in helping gamers discover great talent, and mentioned a new beta API for 'ensuring fair play to everyone', called the voidedPurchases API.

Our goal is always to do the right thing for both users and developers. As game economies have become more complex, developers are looking for more tools to ensure that all users play fairly to make gameplay fun for everyone. Today, we are announcing a new API (in beta) that helps developers identify users who have requested refunds so they can better manage their economies.

Do you think these changes will make the Play Store a better development environment? Let us know in the comments!