Google Play Books for Android has received a new feature that's sure to make a few comic book fans happy. Bubble Zoom can make comics easier to read, finding and automatically enhancing speech bubbles one at a time as you read.

Google Play Books brings bigger bubbles to your comics with machine learning

Bubble Zoom is powered by the company's machine learning technology, according to Google:

Using the same technology to recognize objects in photos, we trained our system to identify speech bubbles in comics. Bubble zoom expands the speech bubbles of a comic one-tap-at-a-time, making them super easy to read on your mobile device. It's much easier to read digital comics one-handed as Bubble Zoom automatically identifies and expands each speech bubble for readability. No more compromising the full-page experience or getting lost while panning around.

While Bubble Zoom will highlight speech bubbles on its own, you choose to move to each different bubble by tapping on the right side of the screen or pressing one of the volume buttons on your phone or tablet.

Bubble Zoom is currently in technology preview within Google Play Books of all supported Marvel and DC titles. Additionally, you can get 50% off select Marvel or DC comics in the Google Play Store when you use the code SDCC2016 through Sunday, July 24.