Google's brand takes third top spot in the world

After having ranked second this fall in Interbrand's rankings, Google has earned itself the third top spot on the competing Forbes' ratings. Google trails Apple, whose coveted products are able to command a price premium, and Microsoft. According to Forbes, Google's strengths with search and advertising earned its brand a valuable of $56.6 billion.

On the Forbes list, Google's placement in the third spot is up two from a year ago:

Google is the generic term for the search category, but what separates Google from brands like Kleenex and Xerox is the amount of money it generates from its ad-driven business. The Google brand generated $16 billion in earnings before interest and taxes over the last 12 months, and it is one of the biggest ad spenders in tech at $2.8 billion in 2013. "With a well known brand, people trust it a lot more, and part of what is happening with Google is a matter of trust," says Reibstein.

What do you think of Google's placement on the list? Do you think it deserves higher honors, especially given all the research projects that Google is working on such as self-driving cars?

Source: Forbes