Google's Pixel event is one of the most anticipated announcements of the year. Sure, it's going to have phones — we know all about those already — but it's also likely to give a deep dive into a bunch of other stuff Google has been working on, much of which was teased at Google I/O this past summer.

What to expect

Aside from the phones, we're likely getting a look at the new Chromecast Ultra, a 4K streaming stick that may cost less than most pairs of shoes. The Chromecast — and Google's Cast platform — has been a quiet success over the past few years, selling in the millions and proving that people just want to easily stream content to their televisions or connected speakers. Now, in 4K.

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We're also looking forward to seeing Google Home, which was first teased at I/O in May, in its finished form. The ideal companion to the company's Assistant platform, Google Home will take on Amazon's Echo for $129, if rumors are to be believed.

And there are other things to expect, too, including the first Google Daydream headset that, once again, was introduced at Google I/O. Really looking forward to that.

We may also see the introduction of Andromeda, Google's reported combined mobile/desktop operating system, finally fusing Android and ChromeOS. We'll see.

Where to follow along

Google is streaming the event on YouTube, so if you want to follow along you can do that. We're also going to be liveblogging the event from both San Francisco and Toronto, which will be even more fun.

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