Google Photos

In last week's poll we asked how do you like to share photos. There are plenty of easy ways to share the photos that you take, which means that you have options for how you like to share. That means you have the options of nothing at all, creating albums on Google Photos, or just uploading your favorite images to your social media of choice.

Google Photos poll results

We gave you plenty of options in last week's poll, but Google Photos took first place with 26.4% of the vote. "I don't share many photos" took a close second place with 25% of the vote. In third place, with 14.3% was "I use multiple apps or websites to share photos". "Facebook" came in fourth with 11.8%. "Instagram" took fifth place, with 11.5%, and "Other" came in sixth with 7.1%. "Google Plus" came in seventh with just 2.4%, and "Flickr" came in dead last with only 1.5% of the vote.

So was your favorite way to share photos on our poll? Are you a fan of Google Photos for all your image sharing needs? Be sure to jump into the comments and let us know about it!