Google Now on Tap gains flight and package tracking

In an effort to make the service more robust, Google is adding a few new features to Now on Tap, including flight tracking, new language support and more. Now on Tap is designed to analyze the content of what is on your screen and give you related information. Now, if you receive a message with a flight number, you'll be able to hold the home button and get information on the status of the flight. Additionally, if you have an email that your package has shipped, holding the home button will bring up information about the status of the package without having to search manually.

If you're looking for more context about a topic you are reading on, you'll be happy to see that Now on Tap will suggest related articles for you. This makes it easy to find out more without having to go hunt it down. Finally, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Korean support has been added, with support for languages in the future.

Source: Google