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The latest version of Google Maps has just been pushed out in the Google Play Store, and offers a large bit of functionality to the app. Now when you are using Google Maps on your computer, all of your searches for maps and directions will be synced between that device and your phone or tablet -- provided you're signed into your Google Account and have your web history enabled, of course. For example, after you look up a restaurant listing on your computer, as soon as you launch Google Maps on your phone, your search results will be pre-populated with the result you chose on the computer previously. Also new is the ability to go back through your past searches and completed navigation directions through the "My Places" menu. Additionally, if you choose to enter pre-defined addresses for your home and work and tie them to your Google Account, simply typing "home" or "work" into the directions field of the Google Maps app will give you directions to each place.

It's the little bits of integration like this that make Google Maps the premier example of an integrated mapping experience. If you haven't yet, go grab the update in the Google Play Store at the link above.

Source: Google Maps Blog