Render of Google's Kings Cross HQ

Work on Google's upcoming London headquarters has been put on hold as the search giant went back to the drawing board to put together an even more ambitious project. BAM Construct, the contractor selected for the construction, revealed that the launch of the building has been pushed back to "at least 2017."

London's Camden Council green-lit the construction for the 950,000 sq. ft. King's Cross site in September, but Google went back to the drawing board in November with architects Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, stating that it wants the design of the building to be as "ambitious as possible."

The decision to revisit the design of the London headquarters is said to be motivated by a desire to match the design of the search giant's upcoming 1.1 million square foot Mountain View, California headquarters. Google hasn't provided a timeframe as to when the London HQ will be finished, but has provided a statement saying that the design change will take time.

King's Cross is our future home in London. As we raise our ambitions on what we can achieve in King's Cross, this will inevitably take some additional time.

Source: City AM, Via: Engadget