Google Buzz

Google today announced Buzz, which is kind of an uber-mashup of Twitter, Facebook, Four Square and just about any other social network you can think of. Share photos, locations -- whatever -- all in real time. It's built in to gmail (some people are already seeing it live), and also plays a big part in the mobile space (natch).

Google BuzzFor starters, go to, and you'll be taken to a Web app that lets you see and create Buzz messages. You can see messages from people you "follow" or interact with often, or you can see messages from people nearby.

It's also tied into Google Maps. There will be (I don't see it yet -- anybody else?) a Buzz layer that will let you see Buzz messages anywhere on the map. And then there's a voice shortcut for Android phones that support the feature. Just say  "Post buzz" and then say your peace.

It looks like Buzz may take a little getting used to. Or it might remain as vague as Wave. We'll see. In the meantime, check out a couple of videos detailing Buzz after the break. [Google]

Update: As Skritt points out in the comments, check for an update to Google Maps (We're now at Version 4.0, people) and you'll now see the Buzz layer.