Google Keyboard Prediction Settings

New feature is on by default, but just as easy to turn off as any other setting

The Google Keyboard was updated today with the same changelog as the last version, but one thing that's definitely new about the input method is personalization of suggestions from your Google account. After updating the Google Keyboard, the bar above your keyboard that usually shows predictions will now remind you that the predictions will be improved by data Google has related to your activity in other Google apps.

Predictions are already improved by your own dictionary of words and your contact list, but this takes things to a whole new level by looking at the way you type across other apps as well. This isn't anything new — it's one of the big features of SwiftKey — but it should improve the typing experience for anyone that wants to go with Google's keyboard option.

For anyone who doesn't want this enhanced prediction, the setting is easy to find and uncheck — the first time you see the notice after updating there's even a quick button to head into the settings and disable it. And if you're like me and turned off the predictions even prior to this update, you won't even see these word suggestions in the first place. If you're a Google Keyboard user you may want to give it a look before judging though — you can do so at the Play Store link above.