Google introduces Works with Google Cardboard certification

Google has announced some additions to the Google Cardboard program which will help it become more enjoyable for everyone as well as more widely accessible. Google Cardboard is a fold-your-own virtual reality headset for Android devices, and Google has already shipped more than 500,000 of them. What started out with some cardboard, velcro, and lenses has already evolved well beyond that, with companies like LG already producing plastic versions. Google wants to ensure that the user experience that is delivered by the other manufacturers is up to par so they are starting a certification process.

'Works with Google Cardboard' is a new certification program for manufacturers that build virtual reality viewers based on the original design. With different designs come different focal lengths, optics, and dimensions, all of which can present issues for the users. Part of the program is a new tool that allows Google to make all the necessary adjustments for the viewer by just having the user scan a QR code.

As a manufacturer, all you need to do is define your viewer's key parameters (like focal length, input type, and inter-lens distance), and you'll get a QR code to place on your device. Once a user scans this code using the Google Cardboard app, all their other Cardboard VR experiences will be optimized for your viewer. And that's it.

In addition to the certification process, Google has updated the developer tools that help optimize the user experience as well as make finding these virtual reality apps and games easier in Google Play. Google has also acquired two companies, Thrive Audio and Tilt Brush, to focus on audio and user interface.

Source: Google