Google introduces new interactive ads

Google recently introduced app streaming in its search results, and now the company is announcing new interactive ads that will allow you to stream games from an ad before downloading them. After finding that one in four installed apps were never even used by most users, Google tried to find a new way to entice users and showcase the app at its best. With the new interactive ads, advertisers will be able to offer actual gameplay and customize the ads even further.

Trial run ads will let users play a game for up to 60 seconds by streaming the content before requiring them to download. This will let people check the games out before downloading, allowing developers to attract users who are more likely to actually be interested in it.

Customized mobile ads are HTML5 ads that offer a customized experience which is tailored to the advertisers app. Being interactive, you can highlight various functions of the app, as well as your branding strategy with ease. These new features are in beta with a select group of advertisers, so you may begin seeing them on your phone.

Source: Google