Google Glass

With 2014 coming to a close in just a few weeks, the consumer version of the Google Glass wearable device won't be coming out this year, as originally planned. A new report says that Google is now looking for the launch to happen sometime in 2015.

The news comes from Reuters, which cites an unnamed source that is "familiar with the matter". It also offers a rather bleak portrait of the eyewear's future prospects. Google Glass, which was first announced in 2012 with a ton of hype, has been losing interest from app developers. Reuters reports they contacted 16 software creators who had previously launched apps for Google Glass, but nine of them stated they had stopped work on those apps, due to the lack of users and the hardware limitations of the device itself. A few weeks ago, Twitter pulled their own official Google Glass app from MyGlass.

For its part, Google claims to have "hundreds" of team members still working on Google Glass. The division's Head of Business Operations Chris O'Neill is quoted as saying, "We are as committed as ever to a consumer launch. That is going to take time and we are not going to launch this product until it's absolutely ready."

Is Google Glass still a viable hardware product or will it turn into a white elephant for Google?

Source: Reuters