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New Google Apps administration tools make group Android device policy management easier

Google is improving the number of tools available to Google Apps administrators today with new features to help control devices brought in by employees. Companies using Google Apps with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs in place can now give administrators better control over corporate data with less effect on user's personal data. Admins can now do selective wipes of devices, cleaning Google Apps data without wiping the entire device. Additionally, when a full wipe is needed, the policy can now force an SDcard wipe along with the internal storage of the device if necessary.

Two new improvements will help the deployment of Google Apps policies as well, one of which requires the latest version of the Device Policy app to be installed to keep security policies up to date on every device. Admins can also now set Wifi configurations for every device with a Google Apps policy by letting them set it once and push to all managed devices at once.

It's a side of Android that we don't normally think about from a consumer standpoint, but having easy tools for managing groups of Android devices with Google Apps and BYOD programs is a big potential growth point for Google. It also helps keep consumers from being forced into using a device other than their preferred one when headed to work.

Source: Google Enterprise Blog