Google to drop support for physical Google Wallet card on June 30

Google has now confirmed that it will be ending support for the physical Google Wallet card on June 30. While you can still make purchases with the card through June 30, Google says it will stop allowing users to add money to their Wallet Balance on May 1. From Google:

  • You can only make purchases with your Wallet Card until June 30.
  • You won't be able to add money to your Wallet Balance from a debit card or bank account after May 1, but money you receive from others will still be added to your balance.
  • If you have money in your Wallet Balance after May 1, you can keep it there, send it to others, or cash out anytime for free.

To ease the blow for users, Google says it has teamed up with American Express and Simple to offer an added sign up bonus to Google Wallet Card users who want to try out similar cards from either company.

For those unfamiliar, the Google Wallet Card was a physical card launched in 2014 that users could link with their Google Wallet account balance. The decision to end support for the card comes as Google has largely shifted its focus to Android Pay. If you're a Google Wallet Card user, you can check out Google's blog post on the shut down for more.