Google Domains

Google has launched a public beta of its Google Domains service in the US. It primarily focuses on offering businesses a way to claim their website domain name as well as web page creation features.

Google Domains launched as a private beta in 2014 but for the public beta launch the company is adding a number of new features, such as:

  • Improved search and suggestion experience to help you find the perfect domain name
  • Over 60 new domain endings like .company, .florist and .coffee
  • A simple dashboard to manage your domain, website and email settings
  • The integration of Blogger so you can create a blog and easily connect it to your domain
  • The ability to quickly browse website template themes and compare the plans and features of our website building providers
  • Dynamic DNS so you can setup your domain and keep it pointing to the same computer even when the IP address changes.

There's no word on when Google Domains will expand to other parts of the world. Interested customers can learn more at the Google Domains site.

Source: Google