Code-in 2014

Google has announced the dates and some of the details for the 2014 Code-In and 2015's Summer of Code challenges. The programs are designed for students to learn and participate in open source projects, polish their skills, and even have a chance to win a prize or two while having fun and contributing to the betterment of us all.

Code-In 2014 kicks off in December, and is open to young adults aged 13-17. Participants will learn about all the different ways they can contribute to a large open-source project through tasks like User Interface design, quality assurance testing, and of course writing code. The tasks are assigned by folks who have experience mentoring students in this sort of project, and are broken into small "bite-sized" chunks to make sure everyone gets something out of it. You can learn more by visiting the Code-In 2014 page.

Summer of Code 2015 is a program developed to introduce university-level students to a real open-source project on a large scale. In the past 10 years, over 8,500 student developers have written 55 million lines of code through the Summer of Code program, and there's a very good chance something in your life is using code a participating student has written. This is a great way for interested parties to polish their skills during the summer break, while earning themselves a paycheck. For more details, see the Summer of Code website.

These are great opportunities for anyone interested in a future behind a screen writing magic that makes the world go around. We love seeing Google offer these sorts of programs, and hope everyone interested has a closer look at the details.

Source: Google Open Source Blog