Google Classroom gets smarter with new functionality

Google Classroom allows teachers to spend more time with their students and less time on the paperwork, and it is now even better. Google's latest announcement brings new functionality to Google Classroom. Included in the new functionality is the ability to add more than one teacher, as well as to preparing for classes in advance as well.

Additional teachers will be able to do almost everything the primary teacher can do, such as create assignments, view and grade student submissions and more. The only thing the primary teacher can do that the rest can't is actually delete the class. In addition Google has added the ability to prepare classes for the future, and save them as a draft. Previously teachers could input class plans and then send them out, but now the teachers can mark them as a draft and then send it out when they are ready. Two smaller additions are autosaved grades as well as better notification handling.

Google looks to have more updates to Classroom available for teachers before the end of the school year.

Source: Google for Education