Google Canada

Although many folks may not be aware of it, Google actually has a few offices in Canada. Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo and Montreal are all homes to Google in Canada and finally, they've gone ahead and launched the official Google Canada blog. Chris O’Neill, Managing Director of Google Canada had the pleasure of doing up the first post and shared some details about what Google's plans are for the blog:

We'll be using this blog to share some of these stories from Canada and about Canadians, to make announcements about Google products and events, and to share a glimpse of life at Google in Canada. We’re going to keep it informal, even a little bit fun, with many different Canooglers—Canadian Googlers—posting to the blog.

We can only assume some of that focus will be Android driven at this point but for now, I've gone ahead and added it my RSS reader and if you're Canadian, you should as well.

Source: Google Canada; via: Mobile Syrup