Google showcased how it was leveraging machine learning for communication at this year's I/O, and the search giant is now bringing artificial intelligence capabilities to Google Apps users with a new utility called Springboard. The application lets Google Apps users search across Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and more from a single location.

Google Springboard

From the Google blog:

Google Springboard helps you find the right information that you need at the moment that you need it. It searches quickly and easily across all of your information in Google Apps including Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Drive, Contacts and more. Springboard also assists you throughout your workday by proactively providing useful and actionable information and recommendations.

Google has also announced a major refresh of Google Sites, an enterprise utility used for creating websites with ease:

With the new Google Sites, you can build beautiful, functional pages to aggregate and distribute content across your enterprise, optimized for every screen. A new intuitive drag-and-drop design experience supports real-time collaboration by multiple editors, just like in Docs, and offers easy access to all your content from Calendar, Docs, Drive, Maps and more.

The new Sites also includes themes and layouts designed to scale and flex to any screen size, so they're as useful when you access them on the 30-inch monitor at your desk or your smartphone on your commute.

Both Springboard and Google Sites are in preview stage right now, and will be widely available at a later date. If you're interested in test-driving the new utilities, register your interest from the links below: