Google has just announced the winners of its Android Experiments I/O Challenge. Announced in March, Google tasked developers with coming up with creative uses for Android, with a free trip to Google I/O up for grabs for the three grand prize winners.

One of the grand prize winners was Al Bencomo, who developed the autonomous Android vehicle you can check out in the video above. Bencomo creatively uses the camera and IR sensors on an Android phone to navigate, leading to some awesome interactions when it encounters objects.

The second grand prize winner was Mike Roelens, who created Hungermoji — a game that takes place entirely within the notification shade. And lastly, a team made up of developers Hatem Shahabri and Yury Sachnovskiy created a way to turn your phone into a 3D controller. Using the API they created, users can create a number of different applications that use your phone's orientation to position a 3D model on another screen.

For more on each of the winning experiments, be sure to check out the full list on the Android Experiments page.