Google+ for Android gets faster web browsing, Community tools and more

Google is now rolling out an update to the Google+ Android app. Google+ 7.3 comes along with a number of new features, improvments, and bug fixes, including faster web browsing while on Wi-Fi, with the app pre-rendering web pages when you're viewing a post. This update also adds more Community moderation tools.

According to Google+ team member Luke Wroblewski, here's what you can expect in the app's latest update:

  • 10 bugs fixed
  • 4 accessibility issues addressed
  • Ability to filter your notifications by All, Unread & Other
  • Several Community moderation tools
  • Delete multiple items in Activity Log at once
  • Hide the top bar when scrolling Collections & Communities
  • Even faster Web browsing on WiFi

Wroblewski says that search autocomplete has been turned back on after the team fixed a bug that cropped up while devices where in Airplane mode.

The latest update to Google+ is rolling out through the Google Play Store now.

Source: +Luke Wroblewski