Google and the U.N. throw a 'Global Happy Party' for International Happiness Day

The website, called "Global Happy Party," presents GIFs of people being happy set to the tune of, you guessed it, "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.

If checking out the website inflicts you with a bit of the happy fever, you can add your own gif to the action by snapping four pictures of yourself acting happy and uploading them by clicking the camera icon on the page. The website then does all of the hard work by merging your pictures into an animated GIF and adding it to the collection. And if you need a little extra help putting a smile on that face, just look at this adorable dancing Bugdroid:

Oh, and that's not all Google is doing for International Happiness Day. If you visit Google Maps, you'll also notice that Pegman is donning some new headgear à la Pharrell.

Thanks for the tip, Daniel!

Source: Global Happy Party