Extending their partnership beyond the candy-themed name of Android 4.4. KitKat, Google and Nestlé have teamed up for a campaign the will substitute the iconic KitKat logo on 600,000 limited edition wrappers with "YouTube Break" branding in the UK to celebrate 80 years of KitKat and 10 years of YouTube.

Why, you ask? Marketing, of course. From Nestlé:

Through the "YouTube my break" branding, Nestlé and Google aim to help people make the most out of their down time. The campaign is based on the consumer insight that KITKAT® consumers are also YouTube fans, and that the video platform is uniquely placed to provide real time insights into the world's most watched videos.

While it may seem silly, the YouTube Break wrappers are only part of an overall "break" campaign that Nestlé is running, with 72 others in the pipeline. On Google's end of things, the search giant has set things up so people searching "YouTube my break" after saying the "OK Google" command to their phones will be presented with a playlist of trending videos on YouTube.

If this all sounds a bit wacky, it is. However, this isn't the first time we've seen limited edition KitKats out of this partnership. When Android 4.4 was released, Google and Nestlé ran a similar campaign that gave buyers a chance at winning Nexus 7s and Play Store gift cards with the purchase specially-marked KitKat bars.

Source: Nestlé