Whether your PlayStation Plus subscription is running out or not, you'll want to pick up a membership right now. Amazon Prime day is offering Prime members a nice discount on a 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription, bringing what's normally $60 down to a cool $40. You'll almost never find a price cheaper than that.

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PlayStation Plus 12-month

Memberships can stack so pick up a few!

$40 $60 $20 off

A 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription gives you the most bang for your buck, especially now that it's on sale for only $40. Enjoy two monthly free games, online multiplayer, greater cloud storage, and exclusive discounts on the PlayStation Store.

If you ask me what's a must-have after picking up a new PlayStation 4 console, I'd say a PlayStation Plus subscription. With PlayStation Plus, members get access to online multiplayer, exclusive digital discounts on the PlayStation Store (with an additional 10% off normal discounts), and you'll get two free games every single month in its Instant Game Collection program. It's well worth it even when a membership is $60 for a year, and for $40 it's a no-brainer.

PS Plus users can also take advantage of Share Play, a feature that allows you to invite a friend to take control of your game or join you in multiplayer even if they don't own a copy of that particular game. Without PlayStation Plus, you'll be gaming by yourself. And even if you aren't a multiplayer person the Instant Game Collection alone is worth it.

You already have a membership? No worries. PlayStation Plus subscriptions stack so this 12-month membership will extend your existing subscription. Grab two and you'll be getting two years of PlayStation Plus for just $80, which is only slightly more than the price of one regularly.

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