Several days ago we reported that Freescale has developed a system-on-chip (SoC) for Android, opening up netbook possibilities. Desiring to carve out their share of the netbook pie, Glen Burchers, Marketing Director for Freescale, hinted at a summer 2009 availability and a price point of around $199. Providing a little something stronger than a hint, he said:

“Nobody needs this stuff but they want it, everybody wants it. And at the price point of $199, it’s a great Christmas present or birthday present.”

If the mention of Christmas present is a little more than a cliché, then the summer timeframe for a Freescale Netbook seems feasible. His assertion that nobody "needs" a netbook is probably true, but his further assertion that we "want" it is pretty accurate also. The summer timeframe is questionable, but an Android netbook will come our way sooner or later. Do you "need" or "want" a netbook running Android? [phandroid]