We at AndroidCentral certainly love our fonts and can absolutely appreciate the hard work it takes to create a "great" font. But when we heard that Google and Ascender (a digital typeface company) took two years of work to create the official font for Android, even we were stunned.

Aptly named Droid, the font is unique for Google because Google's logo is playful and fun while the Droid Font is simply "approachable". The Droid Font will be embedded in all of Android from drop-down menus, address book, maps, keyboard, characters, etc. Google's goals for the font?

"We wanted the type to be very useful, comfortable to read, and not in any way distracting." The teams also wanted a typeface that would work well with the distinctive Android logo, which was designed by another company.

So any chance Droid can be the next Helvetica?