Fleksy swipes to new heights

Popular third-party keyboard Fleksy is rolling out a major update, and it's coming to two new store fresh off the heels of its iOS launch. The app will be coming to the Amazon Appstore and the Samsung App Store, and both the Fleksy keyboard and the Fleksy Messenger app for Samsung Gear devices are getting a bevy of new features.

Fleksy keyboard 3.2.5 for Android sports the usual host of bug fixes and optimizations, both for resources and for tablets. In addition, we have...

  • 'True Dark' theme: As a lover of all themes dark, the addition of a true dark theme is welcome. This is a premium theme, and speaking of premium themes…
  • Premium theme improvements: Premium themes look smoother and crisper with new swipe animations.
  • Improved emoji: Now you can express yourself with cleaner, crisper emoji that pop.
  • Improved language support: Fleksy has added their two most-requested languages, Polish or Ukrainian, and expanded the dictionaries for all languages. In addition, multi-language support now includes easier language switching through the spacebar.

And Fleksy Messenger 2.0 for Samsung Gear is a full redesign for wearables, including …

  • Full keyboard features: Numbers and symbols can be quickly and easily typed just as you would on Fleksy for your phone.
  • Multiple layouts and themes: Pick the layout that works for you and your swiping or button pecking. You can also pick colors to match your watch and your style.
  • New languages: English and Spanish dictionaries are available and auto-correct can be shut off.

Head to the app store of your choice for Fleksy and check out the update for yourself.