One of the fastest Android keyboards in town

Fleksy is one of Androids most popular third party keyboards, and also boasts being one of the absolute fastest, too. Combining good looks with a pretty amazing auto-correct engine, Fleksy makes typing on screens of all sizes both easy and intuitive – seriously, you can even use it on the Samsung Gear smartwatches.

Fleksy is taking a different approach to its keyboard to say, SwiftKey which is good news for Android users. We're blessed with choice and Fleksy is one of the better ones we have. It has cloud personalization to teach it how you write from your email and social accounts, gesture controls for things such as backspace and changing the auto-correct words, and a multiple layout option to make it take up as much or as a little of the display as you wish.

Oh, and it holds the Guinness World Record for fastest texting.

Fleksy is available as a free, 30-day full trial and a paid, premium app in the Google Play Store