Samsung Gear Live

While we wait to get the Samsung Gear Live that is being handed out to attendees, we caught up with Samsung to get a first look at their latest wearable. What we see is something that looks and feels pretty familiar.

The Gear Live is almost a mirror image of the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. The Gear Live doesn't have a button on the front bezel, but otherwise things are the same. You've got the same brushed stainless steel face and integrated lugs to attach a strap. Both watches are the same thickness, with the same charging port in the same location. Finally, you have the same band and clasp it's an exercise in familiarity — and that's a good thing. Samsung's watches are built like they would stop a bullet.

When it comes to the software, though, everything changes. The Gear Live runs on the Android Wear platform, and will incorporate all of the goodies we say in this morning's keynote address. Of course, much of that goodness is yet to be developed, hence Google handing out devices to developers. From what we can see today, the software seem snappy, and wiping away demo notifications was quick and easy.

We're excited to get our Gear Live tomorrow, and we'll run it through the paces, but we can tell you now that if you were a fan of Samsung's style with the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, you'll like what you see here.