Android Central

The Expedia travel app for Android has been updated so that you can book flights. Previously, Expedia only allowed hotel booking on mobile. The UI has a really nice fresh coat of paint, with some cool transitions and visual effects depending on how you're moving around the app. For example, the map within a hotel entry shifts perspective as you scroll up and down the page, while the image section gradually grows to fill the whole screen as you scroll upwards past the top. When idle, the home screen has both flight and hotel columns lazily drifting upwards, though they do so at different speeds to create a particularly eye-catching effect. 

It seems weird that the Expedia app didn't support flight booking before, since that's kind of what those guys do, but hey, at least it's here now. A dedicated tablet version as well as wider booking availability outside the U.S. are due shortly.

Have you ever booked a flight on your phone? When was the last time you used Expedia? Are there other services you prefer to use when planning travel?