Google, Inc.

Google is a big company, perhaps too big, according to the European Parliament. By far the dominant player on the internet thanks to its leading search engine, Google's size and power is reportedly worrying the European Parliament to the point that they're considering a draft motion that would call for Google to be split into multiple companies.

According to the Financial Times, the motion is being pushed by German representatives:

A vote to effectively single out a big US company for censure is extremely rare in the European parliament and is in part a reflection of how Germany's politicians have turned against Google this year.

German centre-right and centre-left politicians are the dominant force in the legislature and German corporate champions, from media groups to telecoms, are among the most vocal of Google's critics.

Since his nomination to be the EU's digital commissioner, Germany's Günther Oettinger has suggested hitting Google with a levy for displaying copyright-protected material; has raised the idea of forcing its search results to be neutral; and voiced concerns about its provision of software for cars.

All that said, the European Parliament doesn't actually possess the power to break up companies, let alone American companies, although the passing of a resolution would be making quite the statement. It could also influence the European Commission, which is the body that actually would enforce such action. The European Commission has waded into these waters before, winning a case against Microsoft in 2007 after accussing the company of monopolistic behavior for bundling Internet Explorer with their Windows operating system.

My, how things have changed.

Source: Financial Times