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How is your caller ID working for you on your G1? You may have noticed that pretty much all cell phones, the G1 included, require a contact to be present in your address book which matches up the contact with an incoming call, thus telling you who the heck is calling you. Everything is great if you already have the contact in your phone, but if you don't, you may hesitate to answer "No Caller ID" or "Unknown Caller", two phrases that send chills up and down my spine.

Although brand spankin' new, there are already a bunch of apps available for Google Android, and as you can see in the above YouTube video (courtesy of Wazzucoug) and as posted by Mediabistro.com, there is already an app to the rescue. Caller ID from Whitepages.com will compare an incoming call to the more than 200 million contacts in the Whitepages.com database. I'd say there's a decent chance that Caller ID will match up with a name, and now you can worry a little less that you don't have every single person you know in your address book. Caller ID is released today, so try it out and let us know right here what you think!