Disney Gif app lets you express yourself with your favorite Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars moments

If you're a diehard Disney fan, you'll be stoked about the company's latest app to hit Google Play. Disney Gif has finally launched for Android, bringing an easy way to share your joy, frustration, ambivalence, and any other emotion you can think of in the form of a Gif from your favorite Disney properties. And yes, that includes Marvel and Star Wars in addition to the giant catalog of Disney classics.

When you first open the app up, there's a convenient list of featured GIFs at the ready, but there are also handy sections arranged by mood, source material, and frequently used GIFs. When you've found the one you want, just tap it and you'll see an option to share directly to Facebook Messenger, as well as an option to bring up the share menu where you can push the GIF out to practically anywhere.

So, if you're a Disney, Marvel, or Star Wars fanatic, you can go ahead and grab the Disney Gif app on Google Play now.