If you're on team Android you live it and breathe that devotion every day through the phone in your pocket and the evangelism you share with friends and family. But how 'bout taking that love a bit further with a new Team Android t-shirt, sweater, mug, or sticker? The design is a bit retro because Android's been around for a decade and we want to acknowledge that — and you.

We have four t-shirt styles, including classic, comfort, and tri-blend and a women's cut, and they're all available in a bunch of colors from black to green to orange, in sizes from small all the way up to 5XL. We've also got a mug that's microwave- and dishwasher-friendly. Then there's the hoodie! It has a little pouch on the front to stash your five phones, three backup chargers, and tangled mess of cables.

This design is only available until Sunday the 21st at midnight, so if you're going to grab one, do it soon!

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AC is getting back into the swag game! From mugs to tees to hoodies, we have everything you need to support Android Central your way. We love our fans and can't wait to add more stuff to the store!